marijuana legalization

Marijuana Legalization as a driver for small business and PA farms,  not out of state corporations

Medical Marijuana in PA was passed in 2016 and PA handed out licences to rich out of state companies. These "Big Marijuana" companies have brought in 500 million dollars in PA in 2019. PA small business owners and farmers have made $0 from the program. What could this money have done in your communities?

Legal Marijuana will raise revenue for the state via taxes and is a great opportunity for the state to create a legal framework that will increase small business ownership and help out struggling farmers. We need to be ahead of the curve and ignore any fear mongering from those who refuse to recognize that marijuana prohibition is a failure.

We need to ensure that when we legalize marijuana it is not a handout for the ultra-rich as has been the case in many other states. Marijuana needs to be grown and sold by PA small business owners and farms, not out of state corporations and their hedge fund backers. Giving a billion dollar market to the already wealthy is a travesty for PA and its citizens.

Let's have a real conversation about how and in what form marijuana should be legalized. 

What I can do as a Senator:

Cosponsor SB 350 the only bill that ensures that money from marijuana legalization will support PA small farms and businesses.

Call out and advocate for marijuana legalization against any other politician who has old and outdated views on the issue.

Stop out of state marijuana corporations from advancing their bills in the state government such as Rep. Wheatley's Bill HB 50, which will hand this industry over to the wealthy.

Be willing to vote against marijuana legalization legislation if it is not economically in the best interests of the people.