We need to treat the environment as an important part of our lives and future. We need to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and plastics as quickly as possible. 

Fossil Fuels:

This is complex as PA is a huge natural gas producer despite decreasing returns. Yet in PA, we continue to spend millions of tax payer dollars subsidizing these dying industries. We need to work to get away from fossil fuels, not dig ourselves deeper. Continuing to depend on fossil fuels to fuel our economy will lead to a crash just as the steel industry did in the 1970’s.  We need to stop digging new fracking wells and unwind existing wells.


We need to implement a strategy to eliminate single use plastics in our environment. Our region has the resources to be a leader in finding alternatives, and we need to make sure that the appropriate economic incentives are in place to make these changes. The amount of plastic trash in our environment is a pending disaster and the companies that make this waste need to be held financially accountable. Our politicians are afraid to confront this, but 20 years from now, we the taxpayers will be footing the bill. 


I am a proud member of the PA Farmers Union and a supporter of movements such as Proud PA which seek to keep money in our communities by strengthening local supply chains and local agriculture. I support PA farmers and keeping our agricultural money in PA.


I understand the economic advantages that fracking has brought to rural communities but these benefits have dropped off as the price of natural gas has dropped. The profits have shrunk for the landowners in rural PA and I believe we are now at the point where digging new wells will have diminishing returns when the environmental concerns are factored in. We need to stop fracking. Speak with any farmer with a natural gas well and they will echo my concerns.  


What I can do as a senator:

Fight against any new cracker plants in PA

Fight to massively tax or ban single use plastic like plastics bags and styrofoam.

Stop building and fight against tax breaks for fossil fuel infrastructure.