drug possession

Drug Possession needs to be treated as a health issue and not a crime 

Nearly everyone in our society has been impacted by addiction and the strain that it has on our families, our economy and on the criminal justice system. We need to advocate for immediate reform of our criminal justice code to stop criminalizing addiction. Drug addiction needs to be treated as a health issue - we need to keep non-violent offenders out of the criminal justice system and get them into treatment. 

The Drug War is a failure. We need to accept this and move on - there are more drugs on the streets than ever before. We need to move forward with novel solutions and have the courage to push new ideas to solve this problem. 

What I can do as a Senator:

Support legislation locally or on the state level to make drug possession a health issue not a criminal one.

Support diversion of any funds to treatment of addicts rather than criminal punishment for possession charges. 

Publicly advocate that addiction is a health issue.

Support innovative or radical solutions to address the drug problem and work to keep people out of jail.