Democracy Page

Money in Politics:

I felt compelled to run for office because the power of money in the PA political system needs to be stopped. In PA, special interests can donate unlimited amounts of money to politicians, this is undermining our system and effects how policy is enacted across the state.  We need politicians who are transparent and act in the best interests of our society, not special interests. 

I am for limiting campaign contributions to candidates.

I am for a Democracy Voucher program like in Seattle, where campaigns are publicly funded.

I am for eliminating lobbyists in PA.

I am for instituting a gift ban for all state employees.

I am against Gerrymandering:

Gerrymandering is undermining our democracy and hurts the trust our citizens have in our government. Gerrymandering eliminates choice in both Republicans and Democratic races, and stifles new ideas by encouraging long term incumbency. 

I support Fair Districts PA and their efforts to bring fairness back to our system.

I support an independent commission to draw lines for districts in PA.

I support ranked choice voting.

I support HB 22/23, SB 1022/1023.

I will as a legislator immediately co-sponsor these bills.

I am for easier access to Voting:

We need to encourage more participation by our citizens in our government. 

I support voting by mail.

I support automatic voter registration at the DMV.

I support same day voter registration at the polls.